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Did You Know?

You can deploy the very systems and processes  used by global market leading corporations without the cost of deployment armies.

You can:
· Reduce operating costs
· Improve safety
· Improve Quality
· Improve Productivity
· Increase Customer Satisfaction

All for a fraction of the cost of doing nothing?

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Why Lean Learnings?

While studying lean manufacturing and lean business tools myself, I found it quite frustrating that nearly all books and texts on the subject were very long and often not easy for a new comer to fully understand. Since then I have spent many years implementing and facilitating lean programs in many businesses in many industries and still find it a contradiction in terms how a book on lean manufacturing can be 500 pages - this in itself is not lean!

     I went back to university to complete my post grad studies couple of years ago; one of my lecturers suggested I provide a solution to this problem myself. So I have.

7 Steps To A Lean Business provides a solid overview of lean manufacturing and the lean business tools without the 'waste' of other sources. 7 Steps is written with the newcomer in mind - jargon is kept to a minimum and terminologies are explained in plain language. All while ensuring the reader can put the learnings into action.

The new series - Your 60 Minute Lean Business provides the reader with enough information to learn what needed without the waste.

          By writing these books I hope to spread the lean message - every business can enjoy the benefits of lean. The principles of lean are not difficult to grasp or implement once understood. When will you start your lean journey? 


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